1. On your court date, be sure to arrive early to the courthouse.  There are usually long lines of other people trying to get through security.  Be sure to wear shoes that can be easily removed and do not wear too much jewelry

  2. Wait for your courtroom to open.  All the courtrooms have several basic rules such as no gum, no food or drinks, no using cell phones, no talking, no shorts, and other common sense rules.

  3. Docket can be called between 8:30 and 10:00 am.  Some courts have afternoon dockets.  Be sure to know what time docket is called and be there at least 15 minutes early.

  4. If it is your first time in court be aware of the fact that the court may impose what is known as Pre-Trial Supervision.  Pre trial supervision is very similar to probation.  You must comply with all the conditions that the court imposes or you run the risk of your bond being set aside which means that a warrant is issued, you are arrested, placed in jail, and the court raises your bond.  You will remain in custody until your new bond is posted.  Some conditions include the following:  not committing another offense while on bond, being subjected to urinarlysis that tests for controlled substances including marihuana, checking in with a pre trial supervision officer at least once a month, pay monthly fees,   and with DWI cases installation, maintenance, and monthly calibration of an ignition interlock device.  Your attorney can try and have some of these conditions lifted but please be aware that it is the Judge of the court who has the final say.

  5. Attorneys can arrive anytime between docket call and noon.  Please be patient while your attorney arrives.  

  6. Occasionally, resets are needed before a case can be finalized.  Resets can occur because either the State or Defense need time to gather evidence, missing witnesses, or other reasons.