Criminal Law Experience:
As a Criminal Defense Attorney Alan A. Macias has handled a wide variety of cases including serious felonies as well as Class C tickets.  Wherever a client faces punishment, Alan A. Macias is ready to fight for his client's rights.
Alan A. Macias spent one year and a half working as an intern in the Harris County District Attorney's Office. There he worked up cases for the District Attorneys who prosecute crimes.  He collected evidence, spoke to victims, and prepared the cases for trial.  A high percentage of these cases involved the crime of Driving While Intoxicated. He sat second chair in several DWI trials and witnessed firsthand the intricacies of these cases.  As an intern he litigated in open court on three different occassions: all three resulted in victories (two motions to suppress and a jury trial).  

Law School Accomplishments:


Attorney Alan A. Macias graduated Cum Laude from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston Texas.  







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